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Germany has been a major player in the last 100 years for the world and is well known for its role in World War 2 and creating the world we know today.  But how much do you know about the Germany before? Or about the Germany after?  Did you know that the German tribes conquered most of Roman Europe and Africa?  Did you know that Queen Louise of Prussia was a symbol of resistance against Napoleon? Join us as we discuss the history of Germany and turn it from dry tales into relatable and personal stories of people not so different from you or me. This podcast will cover aspects of culture, politics, military, gender, and day to day life from when we first have findings for the archeological records all the way to modern day.

The episodes are supposed to be listened to in order so make sure to start with episode 1 and work your way through up to the newest episode.  I hope you enjoy as we explore the center of Europe.



April 20, 2021

Hello all! Welcome back to the show as we wrap up the barbarian invasions and the fall of the western Roman empire with a look of that island on the other side of the channel from modern day France.


January 18, 2021

The special episode will have to come out next week!


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My name is Jacob Collier and I am the creator of the Podcast on Germany. Podcast on Germany was created in order to provide a fun and interesting discussion on German history. This podcast wants to expand on our common knowledge of Germany and its past and turn it from the dry pages of your textbooks into real life stories.  The names and dates will have faces and meanings while the past becomes something that we can understand and appreciate.  Those involved in the history will be shown as real life humans not story book characters that we could never be.  All of this is important to show that history is something that we take part of every day, even without realizing it. It also serves as a reminder that history is life.  What happened to those mentioned within the podcast can happen to you as well.  We can end up being just as great if we try, or just as terrible if we are not careful, as those names mentioned within those long classes back in high school.

I received my Master's degree in Modern European History focusing on Imperial German diplomacy in 2017 from Texas Tech University.  I can read German but do not bother to ask me to speak it. Language has never been my gift.  I have spent 3 years reading and researching German history and was lucky enough to go visit Berlin, Potsdam, and Vienna back in May 2018.  I have always enjoyed reading the histories and I look forward to sharing it with you. 



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Important events and people on this day in German History:

Today in 1918 Manfred von Richthofen was fatally wounded while flying near the Somme River. He had been chasing Lieutenant May of the RAF for firing on his cousin. As he gave chase he was attacked by Captain Brown and fired upon from soldiers on the ground. A bullet during this attack hit Richthofen killing him within a minute. He crashed behind Entente lines and his plane was taken apart by treasure hunters.

With his death the Australian Flying Corps, whose section he fell in, organized a full military burial. He was buried near Amiens with the No. 3 Squadron of the AFC serving as his pallbearers and honor guard. He would be moved to Berlin to be buried with military heroes but would be moved to a family grave plot after it was damaged by Eastern German border guards trying to stop attempted escapees.

The loss of the Red Baron was a deep blow for the German military morale and he was honored on both sides. He is credited with up to 80 confirmed victories with the unconfirmed victories taking it into the 100s. Many of these victories were under Entente air superiority against a numerically superior enemy armed with better aircraft.


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